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Understanding the repatriation of the deceased and choosing the appropriate service

When a loved one passes away in a foreign country, repatriation of the deceased becomes a priority for grieving families. The process involves complex legal requirements, aviation procedures, and country-specific regulations. Repatriation services in the UK are crucial in guiding families through this challenging time, making it essential to choose the right provider. Experience and […]

The role of embassies and consulates in international repatriation

During the emotionally challenging time of international repatriation, embassies and consulates offer support to families navigating the process. As government agencies, they serve to protect the interests and welfare of their citizens abroad, including guidance during repatriation. The support they provide Embassies and consulates assist in verifying the deceased’s identity and obtaining required documents for […]

Repatriation to Ireland?

Do you have a repatriation to Ireland? This is not a problem. We can offer the following daily point to point Irish flights for transportation of the deceased.   Heathrow to Cork. Heathrow to Dublin. Heathrow to Shannon. Stansted to Knock. Manchester to Dublin   ECD International can also offer a collection and delivery service […]

COVID-19 Update

ECD International are here and happy to help all funeral directors across the UK and Ireland during these uncertain times. We can help with nationwide road transportation,  collections and removals using our fleet of private ambulances. Please feel free to contact us with any enquiry. #rip #repatriation #internationalrepatriation