Repatriating the deceased to Germany

ECD International Ltd has been providing repatriation services to Germany from the UK and meeting customer needs with our 24/7 assistance centre in Surrey (UK). When repatriating the deceased to Germany, we can ease the burden by providing compassionate and comprehensive services to suit your needs. We work with funeral directors and embassies to ensure all documentation and procedures meet the rules & regulations of UK & Germany.

What do we need?

We respect the rules & regulations of both the source & destination country and work accordingly. Here is some (but not all) of the paperwork needed:

  • Information about the deceased
  • Passport of the deceased
  • Death Certificate
  • If a family member of the deceased is not in the UK, grant us the power of attorney

Once the formalities have been dealt with, a flight can be booked but you may want to consider our additional services cover:

  • Advice on Repatriation documentation requirements for UK authorities / embassies
  • Advice on specific requirements for the required destination, including 24/7 help & support
  • Savings of up to 40% on conventional cargo ‘N’ rates
  • Executive jet charter

For full details of all our repatriation services, please contact us.