Repatriation Services for Australia

Whenever a loved one passes away in Australia, the experts at ECD International Ltd (repatriation specialists) can help arrange transport for that pending funeral service. We are dignified and comprehensive worldwide service providers, that cover all major countries in the World. We can help and guide you through every step from the initial call to documentation and transportation of the deceased. We act quickly and efficiently to answer all your queries and try to offer you the same point of contact wherever possible.

Our repatriation services to Australia include:

  • Repatriation to or from Australia
  • Guidance for documentation
  • Preparation of the deceased by experienced funeral directors
  • Savings of up to 40% of the conventional cargo ‘N’ rates
  • 24 hour Internet consignment tracking

Cost Estimates

Most situations tend to be unique as there are so many variables like times, weights, areas, countries and flights to mention a few. Therefore, we need to quote on an individual basis but we offer a free initial telephone discussion, and due to our experience and contacts we have managed to keep our cost base down over the years.

If you’ve lost your loved one or want to know more about repatriation services to / from Australia, please talk to one of our experienced team members.