Repatriation Services UK

Repatriation, following the death of a loved one, especially in a foreign land, is a confusing and emotional process for the bereaved.

Government agencies such as Embassies and Consulates are helpful but their assistance is, understandably, limited to advice in such matters i.e. they cannot negotiate contracts, make representations or find and engage services and prices on your behalf.

If you are travelling away from home, someone will be needed to take charge of the deceased (body) while various authorities are contacted and arrangements made with the British Consulate, medical and border controls, funeral directors and specialist (repatriation UK) shipping agents.

It can be an incredibly demanding process, dealing with different countries, foreign languages and legal systems and, unfortunately, prices do vary considerably across the various services required for repatriation.

Please make sure that you compare all costs and scrutinise small print before paying or signing for any of these services.

Reputable and trusted repatriation services

Contact an UK based reputable and trusted repatriation organisation for more detailed advice and prices regarding your particular circumstance, or let them take care of things and save you from paying unnecessary or excessive costs.

Caring and experienced international repatriation personnel are available 24/7 at ECD International.

Call now, for free and caring professional advice or let ECD International tailor a suitable package from a range of services which includes total door to door repatriation and taking care of everything on your behalf.

With more than 35 years experience, and trusted by Embassies, Consulates, Foreign and Common Wealth Departments and International Companies worldwide, you and your loved one will be in sure, safe hands with ECD International.


Q.1: When can I call you to arrange repatriation?
Ans: You can call us 24/7. Once the death has occurred, you can call us immediately and we’ll start making the necessary arrangements.

Q.2: Is it possible to transport the deceased by myself?
Ans: There are several requirements that one needs to meet for repatriation, so it is not normally possible to arrange the transportation (road or air) of human remains by yourself.

Q.3: What are the formalities that I need to follow before repatriation?
Ans: When ECD International handles the repatriation process, you don’t have to do anything except register the death. We take care of all formalities - from initial documentation and final flight booking, to the preparation of the deceased and human remains for repatriation.

Q.4: Can we travel on the same flight as the deceased?
Ans: Yes, in most of the cases we can book your seat as well.

Q.5: What are your cost estimates?
Ans: The cost depends upon several factors like the country where the deceased is located and where they need to be transported. Once we have the relevant information, we can give you an accurate estimate.

Q.6: Is it mandatory to be in the country where a loved one died?
Ans: No, just grant us power of attorney by writing a letter and signing it - we’ll handle all the remaining formalities.

Q.7: Can I sign the power of attorney letter?
Ans: If you’re one of the family members then you can sign the power of attorney.

Why Choose ECD International?

  • Personal attention by experienced staff
  • Preparation of the deceased by experienced funeral directors
  • A flat rate transportation fee across international zones
  • Savings of up to 40% of the conventional cargo 'N' rates
  • Airport handling and documentation
  • 24 hour Internet consignment tracking
  • Meet and greet services at international airports
  • Optional transport to and from airports
  • Hotel and travel arrangements for the bereaved
  • Door to door service to European destinations
  • Stress management counseling
  • Executive jet charter

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Our staff will help and guide you on every aspect including the cost and requirements of preparing and then transporting the deceased to the airport and through international airspace to the destination country.


Inbound Repatriation of Human Remains

Embassies, Consulates, Government Departments and Companies worldwide rely on the expertise and compassion of ECD International to manage the return of loved ones to their home country.

Total Service

A Total Service

ECD International offer a complete range of related services which, in combination, can be tailored to provide you with a “Total Service”.